Warren Miller's 66th film - Chasing Shadows

As a kid growing up on the east coast, the Warren Miller films always got me dreaming of bigger and better mountains in the west. All the ski and snowboard movies i watched in those days had a huge impact on my life. When my Pop moved to Utah in 1999, there was no question that my brothers and i would soon follow.

This past winter my brother Ian and i had the opportunity to show the Warren Miller crew around the UT backcountry for their 66th film "Chasing Shadows". Utah had been experiencing a rough winter at the time with a pretty marginal snowpack. One of the best storms of the season happened to roll through right when they showed up. We spent a week walking around the Wasatch with legend Tom Day and his son Danny riding some classic terrain in great condition.
Link to 2015 film tour- www.skinet.com/warrenmiller/film-tour


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