The Forgotten Trails of the Uintas

September 2013, Eric Porter, and my brother Neil and I, hoisted up our packs and began pedaling our mountain bikes into the Uintas along an ATV trail through the lodgepole pines. Only two hours into our 4 day backpack-cycle mission and it became clear that the easy part was definitely over. Neil and I have been exploring the north slope of the Uintas with fly-rods for about a decade, but only until recently, as mountain biking has become a bigger part of our lives, did we think about connecting the squiggly blue lines on the map with the dotted ones using mans most noble invention, the bicycle. A loop that brought us in and out of 4 different river valleys, where we always stopped to camp and fish, before moving on to the next section of road, trail, or forgotten single track. It was a true adventure that showed us a new side of the mountains, all while blending the things we love about summer into one trip....
camping with your friends, getting lost, catching fish, and riding bikes. -Ian Provo

The Forgotten Trails of the Uintas from The Provo Bros on Vimeo.

Pick up a copy of the winter 2014 issue of Freehub Magazine to see Ian's photos from the trip.


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Teresa Halminton said...

Wow! It's amazing!! Thank you for sharing about this stunning trail.

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