Roadside Runs in Alaska- Provo Bros

Roadside runs in Alaska from The Provo Bros on Vimeo.

In the spring of 2013, my brother Ian and I made it back to Alaska for the second time in our lives. We returned with a much better understanding of the dynamics of riding up there and hopes of safe snow conditions. After spending 10 days glacier camping by plane in the Tordrillo Mountains with clear weather and stable snow, we were excited to see what the mountains outside of Anchorage had to offer. For $25 a day, we rented a small car for a week and headed for the hills. The amount of quality ski terrain accessible from the road was mind blowing. Every winding corner presented a new mountain for us, and a new challenge. With a bit of an optimistic eye, long hikes and tricky route finding, we found ourselves on top of some of the craziest roadside runs we’d ever ridden.


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