Neil Provo & Hip-Deep Alaskan Powder, Big Mountain Shredding | The Backcountry Experience, Ep. 6

A few clips from Powderwhores movie "Elevation". Camping and snowboarding in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska- April 2013

Snowboarding Heaven on Earth, Holden Village | The Backcountry Experience, Ep. 1

Holden Village is a Lutheran ministry, nestled in a forested valley at 3,200 feet in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state. Formerly the site of one of the largest copper mines in the United States, the Holden mine, Holden is accessible only by the Lake Chelan passenger ferry, the Lady of the Lake, or by hiking in through the Cascade Mountains. In 1896, James Henry Holden made his first claim on the area which would later become Holden Village. However, because of the expense and difficulty involved in transporting copper from the isolated mine, the operation did not begin its full productivity until 1937. The Holden Mine and the town of Holden flourished for many years despite the isolation. After World War II the price of metals fell and the resources of the mine began to diminish.
The mine was closed in 1957.

Thanks to the Powderwhores for having me along on this trip. It was a wild place to ride!