Provo Bros- Uinta summer solstice 2011

"Utah has had one of the most incredible seasons in history and it's not over just yet. We've been riding for 10 consecutive months and it might be soon time to hang up the boards for the summer, but not because of a lack of snow thats for sure. On the summer solstice Neil and I made a trip to the High Uinta Wilderness to ride off some of the highest peaks in the state. The Uintas have the most alpine terrain in the lower 48, the skiing is vast and seemingly untapped. Neil and I learned everything we know about backcountry riding and camping in these mountains, and it feels awesome to continue to explore our backyard and push further into new, unexplored terrain."
-Ian Provo

Ostler Peak, a classic Uinta decent.

Ostler and Spread Eagle Peak

Retallack: The Movie - Official Trailer

Here is the trailer for the new ski movie I worked on this past winter with Inspired media concepts. Snowboarding, and mostly filming. 90% of the runs I took in BC I had a big camera pack on my back which made for some rowdy tumbles down the steep terrain. In the long run I think the heavy pack helped my healing legs build muscle, and also kept me from sending it past my limits at the time! After what happened March 2010, I cant believe my legs held up to all the adventures I put them through!
Stoked to see all the hard work everyone put in start to come together.

Its going to be a righteous movie! Releases August 1st 2011 - InspiredMedia.TV