Retallack: The Movie - Teaser

Check out the teaser for "Retallack: The Movie".   I spent a lot of time behind the lens this winter, and a bit in front of it to!   It was a great year to do so, considering i blasted my knees and legs one year ago.   By mid season things started to feel normal again.   British columbia is a magical place...   Every single one of the 60 days i spent up there was a powder day.   No joke.   For a person coming off a knee injury, nothing is better then fresh powder with no tracks...   Retallack is just that- Fresh powder with no tracks! Some of the most unreal fall line treeskiing, pillows, and alpine terrain i have ever wittnesed in person.

There will be a full Trailer for the film on June 1st, with the feature film release on August 1st, 2011.
Check out InspiredMedia.TV for more info...

The Retallack Movie will feature visually stimulating scenery, history, culture, soul, and flawless skiing action and conditions.
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