Lone Peak - Utah - May 25th 2011

The north east face of Lone Peak is one of Utah's classic descents. It's characterized by a grueling approach from any direction, big exposure, and some of the finest steep skiing in the Wasatch. Our buddy Jim Harris had the idea of pulling an all-nighter because it was nearly June, and we had to get an early start, or late start depending on how you look at it. Regardless, at 1:30 am we climbed out of the salt lake valley and began the 6000ft march to the top. A dizzying 6 hours later and we were looking down the majestic north east face with our skis and board in hand. Tired and hungry, we made quick work of line before the strong sun had a chance to damage the snow. We all agreed on the way down that most people would find an outing like that completely awful, but this type of reward can only be achieved through a little bit of suffering.

Shredding down the north east face! Amazing morning!

Photo by Jim Harris

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Shasta said...

Sick Bells approach!!! Jealousy from the AK... :)