Lone Peak - Utah - May 25th 2011

The north east face of Lone Peak is one of Utah's classic descents. It's characterized by a grueling approach from any direction, big exposure, and some of the finest steep skiing in the Wasatch. Our buddy Jim Harris had the idea of pulling an all-nighter because it was nearly June, and we had to get an early start, or late start depending on how you look at it. Regardless, at 1:30 am we climbed out of the salt lake valley and began the 6000ft march to the top. A dizzying 6 hours later and we were looking down the majestic north east face with our skis and board in hand. Tired and hungry, we made quick work of line before the strong sun had a chance to damage the snow. We all agreed on the way down that most people would find an outing like that completely awful, but this type of reward can only be achieved through a little bit of suffering.

Shredding down the north east face! Amazing morning!

Photo by Jim Harris

May 20th was a Powder day!

May 20th 2011 was yet another amazing pow day. Just when i was getting stoked for summer, another mega snow storm hit Utah. It is insane how deep Utah's snowpack is! We pulled up to brighton resort to find the parking lot completely empty. Not a soul in sight. I guess folks in Utah don't enjoy blower powder in May! We had all of Big cottonwood canyon to ourselves!

Ian hikes up Millicent Peak.

The snow was amazing. It felt like January...
Here's ian carving into a nice one

Matt the meteorologist, diving down deep to sample the fresh snow.

Here's a photo Ian took of me on May 18th. An equally stellar day for may!

Ian and Ty standing on top of Fantasy Ridge. Might be dreaming cant be May 18th!


Retallack: The Movie - Teaser

Check out the teaser for "Retallack: The Movie".   I spent a lot of time behind the lens this winter, and a bit in front of it to!   It was a great year to do so, considering i blasted my knees and legs one year ago.   By mid season things started to feel normal again.   British columbia is a magical place...   Every single one of the 60 days i spent up there was a powder day.   No joke.   For a person coming off a knee injury, nothing is better then fresh powder with no tracks...   Retallack is just that- Fresh powder with no tracks! Some of the most unreal fall line treeskiing, pillows, and alpine terrain i have ever wittnesed in person.

There will be a full Trailer for the film on June 1st, with the feature film release on August 1st, 2011.
Check out InspiredMedia.TV for more info...

The Retallack Movie will feature visually stimulating scenery, history, culture, soul, and flawless skiing action and conditions.
Spread the word!
Migrate to the Retallack Lodge!

Pfeifferhorn skiing & snowboarding - May 1st 2011

AKA, "Little Matterhorn", is a nice little shark tooth of a mountain. Easily recognized by its similarity to the famous peak in the Alps, its the 5th highest in the Wasatch. On may 1st, it was not our original objective, but the unexpected sun forced us to bail on a more exposed line down the road. We were equally stoked on the new mission, and the incredible powder it would deliver for the first day of May.

Photo of the mighty Pfeifferhorn in mid winter 2010.
. . .

^720p for best quality!
. . .

Morning light comes though the trees and consumes you with intense heat, than its back to the frigid shadows.
Then up into the high country!
. . .

The south faces of little cottonwood canyon looked tremendous.
. . .

. . .

Ian makes his way closer to the objective.
. . .

Dropping into the Northwest Couloir off the Pfeifferhorn- the top section was ICE!
. . .

Well that was fun. Finished it off with a four thousand foot exit gully. The strong sun had worked the snow down low, turning it from dry crystal powder to wet mank in a hurry. Its that time of the year. Eventually the snow will melt, but with another cold storm on the horizon, the endless winter continues.
. . .

Words: Ian Provo -Photos and Video by Neil & Ian Provo