Sub zero Wasatch tour- February 1st 2011

Hiking and snowboarding in arctic cold front temps is a bit ruff. When mixed with precipitation, those temps bring the finest of Utah pow... On February 1st there was a fresh 15 inch layer at the top of Little Cottonwood. It was one of the coldest days i've had on a splitboard to date! Ian, Zach Clanton, Pouch and i went for a stroll to enjoy it.

Here is Ian, dropping into a classic Wasatch tube.

^At 10,000 feet, temps were -14°F with 30 mph gusts of wind on the ridgeline, and it becomes roughly -46°F. A couple thousand feet of blower pow will make anyone smile!

The Levitation Project 2011 Team Edit

Bode Merrill, Chris Coulter, Jeremy Thompson, Lonnie Kauk, Wyatt Caldwell, Austen Granger, Matty Mo, Jules Reymond, Romain DeMarchi, JP Solberg, Deadlung, and Neil Provo.

Shot by Nico Nolan, Absinthe Films, and SEABA

Edited By Jeremy Jensen

Illustrations/Animation by Shanna Duncan