Snurf Ya Later - The Provo Bros ~ December thru January 2011

Recovering from broken legs last march, there was no better way to get back into boarding then Pow surfin'.   When you free up the bindings, all the stress and pain goes away.   Luckily here in utah the powder is deep and plentiful.   Conditions have to be perfect fresh powder to be able to truley enjoy the Snurfer style boards.   Ian and i used to snowskate every preseason for the last 10 years and it grew into a hobby far beyond an early season only activity.   This year we got some amazing boards built, and for the first time really got to surf the snow!  Here is a video we made from the last 2 months "snurfin" around the Utah backcountry...  Riding these boards without bindings really helped me to get my balance and strength back before i jump back into snowboarding.
Winter is in full effect and its time for me to strap in!

^watch in 720p for best quality

Special thanks to Jeremy Jensen and Grassroots Powdersurfing for building such epic surf boards!!!


Unknown said...

Love it you guys! Thanks for the wonderful stoke!


Stephen Koch

Neil Provo said...

Thanks Stephen!!

Means a lot coming from you.

Unknown said...

The music choices are perfect, and the video makes me want to leave everything and go to the US...this powder is amazing !

from France

Teresa Halminton said...

Thank you! I hope to hear more updates from you.
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