Northstar couloir on Sultan Mountain- San Juan range CO.

Check out Episode 2- Sidecountry Sessions from Outdoor Research! The last 2 weeks in Silverton have been a great way to get the legs in shape. The San Juans are mighty big and steep. The resort has one lift, but it accesses so much terrain. The backcountry seems endless out here. Hiking in the high elevation really gets your blood pumping! Even though it hasn't snowed out here for since we got here, things have stayed fresh and there are still plenty of good turns to be had.

December 27th 2011 was a beautiful day to get into the alpine. Zack Giffin, Molly Baker and myself went for a classic tour above town with the help of local and good friend Matty G. Topping out at 13368 ft, it was my highest hike to date!

Making our way up the south face of Grand Turk Peak. So warm it felt like a spring day.

Looking over Molas pass

Ridge walking in the high country.

Zack making his last few steps up Sultan mountain.

It was cool to finally look down on the town from the peak i had been eyeing from from the window of the Tiny house!

Fresh snowdrifts on the summit, and a view down the Northstar couloir. Into the gut and it was 4000 ft. of fresh pow all the way back to town.

BIG thanks to Matty G, for our sickest day in Silverton!

Matty G, laying out some nice turns before the long ride down.

Thanks for the great times Silverton! Stoked to come back

Outdoor Research- Sidecountry Sessions Episode 1

Words from Teton Gravity Research - Link to VIDEO
No stranger to ski history, Sun Valley, Idaho is a living, breathing museum of the North American ski timeline, dating back to the 1930’s. On the other hand, it is an ageless place. While hosting the birthplace of some of skiing’s favorite young pros (such as Picabo Street, Lynsey Dyer and the Crist Brothers), this little Idaho hide-out still maintains the interest of mainstay figures like Warren Miller and Mike Hattrup and is the main office for companies like Smith Optics.

It all began in 1939, when the first chairlifts were installed at Bald Mountain in Sun Valley. The same year Ernest Hemingway finished “For Whom the Bell Tolls” while staying in suite 206 of the Sun Valley Lodge that fall. Lucille Ball, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, and the Kennedy Family followed. Sun Valley was becoming a Hollywood haven. It wasn’t just for skiers.

Then in 1946 the most classic of all ski bums arrived.
Warren Miller made his movies from 1946 to 1949 living out of the River Run parking lot at the base of Bald Mountain.
First staging out of his car and eventually in an upgraded trailer, Miller made his mark on Sun Valley as a promised land for the occasional post World War II ski bum.

Naturally the 40th Anniversary Party for Powder Magazine took place in Sun Valley. And we wanted to be there in the Outdoor Research tiny house as a tribute to forty years of darn impressive magazine making and a passion about skiing we can only hope to convey with the Sidecountry Sessions tour. None of us had ever been to this iconic place. It was time to hit the ski history books.

We pulled into the River Run parking lot at 4 a.m. in the morning. Surely the Powder 40th Anniversary prom was over (although stories from others told us otherwise that morning at a relaxed 11:00 a.m. breakfast). The sun peaked into the tiny house around 7 a.m. An hour later, as skiers started to arrive, we looked out to see many curious faces peering in or at the tiny house. All ages and all types of boards were interested. The twenty-year-old snowboarder and his friends showed up right next to the seventy-year-old with groomer skis.

The group missed the Powder party and we never got to show Warren Miller the tiny house, but we were able to kick off the tour with many personalities, contributors, and fanatics of the ski community.

With the south faces nearly bare and an itch for powder turns, we left Sun Valley in search of the season’s storms.

Simple living in the OR tiny house!

Outdoor Research - Sidecountry Sessions trailer

Session: noun \sesh-uh’n\ Any period of time devoted to a specific activity, such as slaying pow

Words from Outdoor Research -Verticulture
“The opportunity to explore the accessible powder stashes with the most passionate locals is the mission. Getting it the best we can is our objective,” says Neil.

This winter, we’re subscribing to the gypsy life and taking off on a two-month tiny house road trip in celebration of a passion-driven, low impact, ski bum lifestyle. “We are refining the entire process of living as ski bums. It is really about figuring out what you do and don’t need. For me, I want to ski and there isn’t much else that I need,” says Zack. Over the next 6 weeks, OR ambassadors Molly Baker, Zack Giffin and Neil Provo, along with videographers Sam Giffin and Andy Walbon will be road tripping to North America’s most respected sidecountry areas in search of deep powder and influential snow loving locals.

Unlike any previous skiing road trip, the Sidecountry Sessions crew is on a mission to find the best snow and greatest communities in prominent powder territory while living out of a ski bum’s dream-home-on-wheels. Along the way, the team will be on the search for the most esteemed, enthusiastic and talented individuals to bring on as members of OR’s Grassroots Athlete Team. Could you or one of your friends be the next team member?

Based on recommendations of local skiers via Facebook (no, you can’t nominate yourself), Molly, Zack and Neil will ski, climb and adventure with chosen nominees in order to select the newest members of OR’s athlete team. “Being a part of Outdoor Research is really about being genuine with an honest devotion to a life in the mountains. It makes it really easy for the right people because they essentially continue doing whatever it is that they do and that embodies the mission of the company as a whole,” says Molly. To nominate someone you know? Post their photo to the Outdoor Research Facebook page. In the comments section, reference hash tag #SCSessions and include a brief description of why your person would be a great OR Athlete.
If we come to their hill, Molly, Zack and Neil want to get in touch with them for a session of slaying pow.

Find out what it’s like to spend the season searching for new ski talent while living in 112 square feet of unconventional living space.
Showcasing local talent, communities and mountains, watch video episodes of the Sidecountry Sessions releasing each week and find out what happens when these gypsy shredders occupy your parking lot.

The tiny house made its debut last weekend at Powder Magazine’s 40th Anniversary party in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Stay tuned to and Facebook for the next Sidecountry Sessions destination.

Watch the Trailer here!

Rooster tails on a sunny november afternoon

The last few days in Utah have been unfavorably warm, so the expectations were pretty low on the morning of November 22, 2011. We headed up Big cottonwood canyon and skinned our way to the park city ridge line. I was surprised to find that blower pow the Wasatch is so famous for. The clear days and cold nights have worked up a mean faceted layer on most aspects we passed through. Although it made for great turning conditions, i'm afraid it will become our next weak layer in the snowpack. With another clear night and tomorrows high's of 40, those flakes are only going to grow. The high winds better blow them away, Damn surface hoar. Hope mother nature unleashes soon and drops a heavy load to clear things up! Let the winter begin!

The Provo Bros- mining powder at Retallack, British Columbia

Link to video
"During the winter of 2011, my brother Neil and I were presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. We were to spend two months embedded in the heart of the Kootenays at the legendary Retallack Lodge. The mission was to shred pow with our good friend Tanner, who was on his comeback, and to help film Retallack:The Movie for Inspired Media Concepts. I took the role of the dedicated time lapse junkie, while Neil was a true on slope camera master. This video is a showcase of our skills behind the camera, as well as a few of our favorite long lens shots from Retallack:The Movie. Time lapses make way for deep powder mining, and a trip into the heart of the "silvery slocan" to see how silver miners conquered the mountains a century ago. Mining for powder in the Selkirk mountains is serious business, and we found out just how serious it can get. We hope you enjoy our short film, and perhaps absorb just a sliver of the energy that is Retallack Lodge in beautiful British Columbia." ian provo

Winter is back! First pow turns at Snowbird on October 7th 2011

Its early October and the first blanket of snow has been laid upon the Wasatch mountains. I couldn't help but go poke around and find some powder! Good friend Nick Russell and i headed up to Snowbird for a hike on the splitboard through the colorful aspens, up to the snow filled cirques that the bird is so well known for.

The transformation from fall to winter in Utah. One of the most beautiful times of the year...

We were stoked to find some pretty good pow high up above the crowds of Octoberfest below.
Nick drops in for his first turn of the season in Upper Cirque.

Just a few days before i was casting dry flies out on the river in the warm sunshine, then BOOM!, winter time.
October 7th, one of the earliest dates i've ever strapped into my snowboard. What a place.....

Retallack: The Movie- Digital DownloadsDvd's

Digital Download and Dvd's are now available for the ski/snowboard movie my brother Ian and i helped create at the Retallack cat lodge in BC last winter. We were up there doing a lot of filming our selves, but had the opportunity to enjoy the endless pow in front of the lens as well. It was a sick experience to be able to do both. Gives you a new look on things seeing it from both sides of the production.

Click on over to the Inspired Store to have a look at the movie, and pick up a t-shirt!

I am already looking forward to my next visit to British Columbia. The place is insane for snowboarding, fly fishing, Mtn biking, etc... Pretty much everything i love in life! I'll be making the journey north this winter no doubt, hoping that the little town of Nelson crosses my path. Check out if your looking for one of the most fun snowboarding adventures out there!

Provo Bros- Uinta summer solstice 2011

"Utah has had one of the most incredible seasons in history and it's not over just yet. We've been riding for 10 consecutive months and it might be soon time to hang up the boards for the summer, but not because of a lack of snow thats for sure. On the summer solstice Neil and I made a trip to the High Uinta Wilderness to ride off some of the highest peaks in the state. The Uintas have the most alpine terrain in the lower 48, the skiing is vast and seemingly untapped. Neil and I learned everything we know about backcountry riding and camping in these mountains, and it feels awesome to continue to explore our backyard and push further into new, unexplored terrain."
-Ian Provo

Ostler Peak, a classic Uinta decent.

Ostler and Spread Eagle Peak

Retallack: The Movie - Official Trailer

Here is the trailer for the new ski movie I worked on this past winter with Inspired media concepts. Snowboarding, and mostly filming. 90% of the runs I took in BC I had a big camera pack on my back which made for some rowdy tumbles down the steep terrain. In the long run I think the heavy pack helped my healing legs build muscle, and also kept me from sending it past my limits at the time! After what happened March 2010, I cant believe my legs held up to all the adventures I put them through!
Stoked to see all the hard work everyone put in start to come together.

Its going to be a righteous movie! Releases August 1st 2011 - InspiredMedia.TV

Lone Peak - Utah - May 25th 2011

The north east face of Lone Peak is one of Utah's classic descents. It's characterized by a grueling approach from any direction, big exposure, and some of the finest steep skiing in the Wasatch. Our buddy Jim Harris had the idea of pulling an all-nighter because it was nearly June, and we had to get an early start, or late start depending on how you look at it. Regardless, at 1:30 am we climbed out of the salt lake valley and began the 6000ft march to the top. A dizzying 6 hours later and we were looking down the majestic north east face with our skis and board in hand. Tired and hungry, we made quick work of line before the strong sun had a chance to damage the snow. We all agreed on the way down that most people would find an outing like that completely awful, but this type of reward can only be achieved through a little bit of suffering.

Shredding down the north east face! Amazing morning!

Photo by Jim Harris

May 20th was a Powder day!

May 20th 2011 was yet another amazing pow day. Just when i was getting stoked for summer, another mega snow storm hit Utah. It is insane how deep Utah's snowpack is! We pulled up to brighton resort to find the parking lot completely empty. Not a soul in sight. I guess folks in Utah don't enjoy blower powder in May! We had all of Big cottonwood canyon to ourselves!

Ian hikes up Millicent Peak.

The snow was amazing. It felt like January...
Here's ian carving into a nice one

Matt the meteorologist, diving down deep to sample the fresh snow.

Here's a photo Ian took of me on May 18th. An equally stellar day for may!

Ian and Ty standing on top of Fantasy Ridge. Might be dreaming cant be May 18th!


Retallack: The Movie - Teaser

Check out the teaser for "Retallack: The Movie".   I spent a lot of time behind the lens this winter, and a bit in front of it to!   It was a great year to do so, considering i blasted my knees and legs one year ago.   By mid season things started to feel normal again.   British columbia is a magical place...   Every single one of the 60 days i spent up there was a powder day.   No joke.   For a person coming off a knee injury, nothing is better then fresh powder with no tracks...   Retallack is just that- Fresh powder with no tracks! Some of the most unreal fall line treeskiing, pillows, and alpine terrain i have ever wittnesed in person.

There will be a full Trailer for the film on June 1st, with the feature film release on August 1st, 2011.
Check out InspiredMedia.TV for more info...

The Retallack Movie will feature visually stimulating scenery, history, culture, soul, and flawless skiing action and conditions.
Spread the word!
Migrate to the Retallack Lodge!

Pfeifferhorn skiing & snowboarding - May 1st 2011

AKA, "Little Matterhorn", is a nice little shark tooth of a mountain. Easily recognized by its similarity to the famous peak in the Alps, its the 5th highest in the Wasatch. On may 1st, it was not our original objective, but the unexpected sun forced us to bail on a more exposed line down the road. We were equally stoked on the new mission, and the incredible powder it would deliver for the first day of May.

Photo of the mighty Pfeifferhorn in mid winter 2010.
. . .

^720p for best quality!
. . .

Morning light comes though the trees and consumes you with intense heat, than its back to the frigid shadows.
Then up into the high country!
. . .

The south faces of little cottonwood canyon looked tremendous.
. . .

. . .

Ian makes his way closer to the objective.
. . .

Dropping into the Northwest Couloir off the Pfeifferhorn- the top section was ICE!
. . .

Well that was fun. Finished it off with a four thousand foot exit gully. The strong sun had worked the snow down low, turning it from dry crystal powder to wet mank in a hurry. Its that time of the year. Eventually the snow will melt, but with another cold storm on the horizon, the endless winter continues.
. . .

Words: Ian Provo -Photos and Video by Neil & Ian Provo

Springtime snowboarding in Utah - April 2011

After a long trip up north, it was nice to come back home. Living amongst the clouds for so long in BC i began to miss the blue bird pow days Utah is known for. The snowpack is as deep as i have ever seen it in the Wasatch and Uinta mountains in my 10 years of living here. It is going to be a great spring and summer to get after on the splitboard!

My bro and I linked up with our pops and headed up the mirror lake highway on the sleds for some fun pow turns in the sun! Only get to ride with my pop a few times a year, and this was the first time we got to snowboard together in the mountains where we spend many summer days flyfishing and backpacking. Great day with the old man!

My pop and i, loving the fresh spring pow!

. . .
Zach Siebert, enjoying some fresh powder behind the Canyons resort.

. . .
4/20/2011 High alpine adventure to the High Uinta mountains. My brothers Justin and Ian boot up the ridge with Pouch following.

. . .
The snow just doesn't quit here in utah. Almost may and there seems to be no end in sight!
Looking down the Argenta slide path off Kessler Peak... A mighty force created this nice little ski run. The snow conditions were just right on this day- incredible for April 26th!!

. . .
NATURE. Birds of prey on the mountainside...

Looking forward to riding more pow as it comes, and hitting some big lines when the melt/freeze cylcle begins. Record snowpack!!!!!!