November powder with Tanner Hall and the Provo Bros. at Solitude, Utah

Monday Nov.22nd was my first day back riding chairlifts in 8 months.  Also, the first time i have ridden with Tanner in about 2 years.
Great to be back!

Words by Ian Provo -"11/22/10, Neil and I went with Tanner to Salt lake where he was doing a live interview with Fox business news.  Right after, we jammed up big cottonwood canyon to the sleeper resort known as Solitude.  There, we had one of the best days of skiing in a long time.  For Tanner's first day back in nearly two years, it was ideal for him to jump right into the meter of light utah pow, it was effortless to ski through, like cutting through clouds.  We were just in another world up there, having so much fun, happy to be back doing what we love."

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Surfing pow at Deer Valley- November 21st, 2010

Yesterday Ian and i went for a hike up Deer Valley with the "snurfboards" on our packs. We were pleased to find super deep powder on the "ski only" runs which have yet to open for the winter season. It was an amazing day for November here in Utah.

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The fish of my summer, July 2010

When winter rolls around and snow hits the ground i start to get really excited. No mater how excited i get, especially this year, i always wish it were summer for just a little bit longer. Its just like spring time, when i wish it would stay winter for longer, yet i know i have summer and all the great shit to look forward to...

Fly fishing is my favorite pass time in the summer months. You can get lost in time searching for that next big fish. On a choice july day, my friend sean and i went for a float hoping to hook a big one. After a slow morning, things started to pick up. Caught a few nice fish in the same hole around 1:30 in the afternoon. I was just about to call it quits and i hooked into the biggest fish of my life.

I love Utah...

Photography by Sean Kerrick Sullivan