OCTOBER 27th, 2010- Winter begins, Once again

The last few days Utah had been getting hit with a huge early season snow storm... I had just gotten cleared from the doctor to do what i please, but i was planning to wait for my knee brace i ordered this week to arrive. I also wanted to work a bit more on strengthening my legs before going riding. Well, the storm produced massive amounts of snow, and i couldn't help myself, went on a mission into the Wasatch to sample the snow.

-Video of the days adventures from both IAN and I-

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Heres a picture of my first turns of the year, and my first time back on snow since blasting my legs six months ago. What an amazing feeling to be back at it.
Oh yeah, there are NO bindings on this board, SNURFIN'!

This is my first time experimenting with a Spit-Snurfer i crafted out of an old broken splitboard... I put a bunch of stomp pads on the topsheet wherever there was no hardware... I need to rethink my traction set up though as it was hard to get a grip!

While i was making turns of my own, my brother IAN was skiing off Mt. Superior in the clouds into Cardiac bowl. He said the conditions reminded him of mid winter! It was an insane storm for all of us here in Utah!

Full moon Mt. Timponogos summit hike- 10/21/2010

Went for a hike yesterday to the summit of Mt. Timponogos to watch the sunset, and also to hike down under the full moon light.   The leaf colors down in the cirques were insane.   Timp is a rugged mountain, and doesn't come easily!   It ended up being a 14 mile round trip, 5000ft up and 5000ft down with the second half of the hike lit up only by moon light.  No need for headlamps!  The most action my legs have seen all summer!   Its crazy to think that only 6 months ago one leg was shattered and one knee blown, after that hike i must say things are healed up pretty good!

Josh Finbow on his way to the top.

A nice spot to rest the legs on the ridge, getting ready for the last push to the summit behind us

The views on top were nuts.  Here Josh and i are heading down from the little shack on the summit. The sun went down as the full moon came up, making it seem like day time on the way back down! Amazing view of the Wasatch up here, as well as salt lake city and orem way below.

Full moon was so bright!  About 6 miles and 4500ft down from here, onward march!  We got to the truck at 11:45- what a HIKE!
Ian, myself, Tommi, and fishbone taking it all in before descending...

-Photos by IAN PROVO-

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