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2010-2011 Rossignol Experience Snowboard

Here is a piece i put together for Rossignol with some P.o.v. clips from last winter. Put your self in "my boots" to see how the 2010/11 Rossi Experience snowboard rides! -Steep and Deep, Cliffs, Chutes, Pillows, POW, hardpack, ice, you name it.
This is my board of choice...

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Deeper Unplugged - Deleted Scene with Utah Locals Forrest Shearer and Neil Provo - Episode 12

The last 2 seasons i got the opportunity to film with TGR out here in Utah for Jeremy Jones film Deeper. Click here to see more about the film. This movie is going to be MAD! These guys took it to the next level, riding all lines by foot and camping in the mountains for days on end. With 2 years of filming there was a ton of footage to squeeze in. The Utah segment ended up getting cut, wasn't to much story behind it that went along with the rest of the film. I am stoked that they put up some footage on the web, and hoping there will be some in the dvd extras! Utah has a lot of terrain to offer. A proper Utah splitboarding segment is going down in the near future for sure!
Do yourself a favor and pick up a dvd copy of DEEPER today! ...You will be stoked!

Here is some riding from Jeremy Jones, Forrest Shearer and I from last year in Utah.

TGR- "When making a two year movie a lot of great riding hits the editing room floor. We had a crew all year in Canada, spent three weeks in the Tetons, and made countless trips to the High Sierra. All of these trips were special but for one reason or another did not make the final cut. One of the last segments to get the axe was Utah. As such, here's Utah locals Forrest and Neil trading lines in their backyard."

I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Jeremy Jones, Pete O'brien and TGR for letting me get out there with you guys! BIG UP!

Check out these links to see more "Deeper Unplugged" on , , also TGR's YouTube for slower connections.

Mt. Superior and Cardiac Ridge video. March 1st and April 11th 2010

On March 1st 2010 I went for my fist full moon sunrise tour in the Wasatch. Forrest Shearer, Julian Carr, Todd Ligare and I left the alta parking lot at 4am with our goal being Cardiac ridge by sunrise. Moon light sparkling on the snow for the hike was amazing. We got to the top of Superior at about 7am. The line i had chose on cardiac turned out to be a bit different than i had expected, and i almost landed on some sharp rocks! ...It was Close call!

The second line is of my brother Ian Provo from the summit of Mt. Superior, on April 11th 2010! I was laid up in bed with broken legs while he was enjoying this classic spring Wasatch storm. Utah had an unreal spring season, lots and lots of snow. It looked like great conditions!

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There she is in all her glory...The climb up Mt. Superior in the clouds with Cardiac Ridge in the background. The picture of me is taken just below the summit. Picture on the far right shows my track coming out of the chute, far left track... Click photos to make BIG

March 1st was the longest day of snowboarding in my life! After my line on cardiac, skied all the way back down the the big cottonwood road, drove back up to park city around noon to ride the resort for the rest of the day, then met up with some homies and hit the air bag at the DC mountain lab till it was to dark to see. LONG DAY!!!