See you next year old man winter!

After many months of epic powder riding, my season came to a screeching halt. I had just gotten back from an amazing southern utah journey when it happened. On March 18th 2010, The day after we returned home, i decided to go have a mellow day riding park with buddy Dave Munoa. My first run through the park seemed to be going well working my way down the jump line... We stopped on the second to last table, and assessed the take off of the last jump. I watched dave clear it no problem and thought to myself, shit if he cleared it i should be able to! I had never hit this jump before and did not know what the speed was like. First major mistake, not testing my speed prior to sending it. I followed his line exactly and didn't speed check. I knew i was done for before i even left the lip... Mid air i was soaring toward the knuckle bracing for impact. BOOOOM! There goes my legs for the season! 2 broke legs, 2 blown knees.

It was a the hardest slam i'd taken in my life. A wake up call telling me to be more careful with my choices and decision making. When this is all said and done it will be a great lesson for me... I need to stick to my passion, freeriding, and stick with it without straying away. I seem to get to comfortable while riding terrain parks for some reason. You forget about the dangers in such a controlled environment, whereas in the backcountry i am always on my toes, thinking about the dangers and possibilities of injury.
.......Its not "if" you're gonna fall, but "when"

This oughta' keep er' in place! Be sure to make sure all you're zippers are shut!

A couple weeks down and i am feeling better already. Nothing like getting on the river to heal the mind, body and soul! I am now building muscle instead of loosing it. The bone in the left leg is mending quite well, and i'm off to acl surgery in a few weeks...

Excited to get this long process under way and get my legs stronger then ever before! I never ever exercise to keep my body in peak riding performance. So this was a wake up call to tell me to figure it out... I am coming back STRONG!!!!
-Time for summer activities! With all my extra time i will edit some photos and video from the past season... stay tuned!