Wonderful week in the Wasatch. Feb 6th-11th 2010

The last week has been a great one. Got out on some steep slopes, although probably not the best idea, we rode em' and got off safely. The avy danger has been nuts this year. The snowpack is rotten to the ground. No good. Here's a few photos from the last week. Hasn't snowed in a couple weeks, yet we find blower pow on every run!!! Gotta love utah for that. Gotta hate utah for that same reason though as it preserves those weak layers for months... SKETCH!

After hiking for about 2 hours, we approached a choice mountain in the clouds, littered with chutes filled with POW! Neil going UP!

Neil going DOWWWWN! One of my best runs in Utah to date!

The next few days were spent behind brighton, getting used to riding steeps again!

Forest Shearer, a master on the steeps, working his way down a deep and steep line...

Forest showing me up to the goods! Here we are looking down into Wolverine Cirque. This was my first time seeing this place and first time riding it. SO fun

Forest Shearer punching it through the crux on this GNARLY line! And a closer look at all the ROCKS! mad exposure, big ups Forrest! CLICK photos to see BIG

My virgin wolverine cirque line... Closer look on the right. Steep and deep. I was tripping that this line would avalanche at the top, but she stayed in place ;) CLICK photos to see BIG

Big thanks to Ian Provo for taking all these killer photos....

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Favorite post to date! sick line Forrest