Southern Utah scouting mission. January 8th-10th 2010

Went for a scoping mission to southern utah on the 8th-10th to see what it has to offer. Lots of goods, stoked to go back down when there is better snow and more coverage!

Dash todd and Pete checking out the scenery!

At the time, there was lots more snow than the wasatch, but also lots more wind on the ridge-lines as you can see here...

We were stoked to be in the mountains!

Beautiful zone.

yours truly!

Coming back for the spring corn cycle to nail this one out!

Dash enjoying the view, glad we're not in the smog down below!

Red Rock country!

Blown away by what utah has to offer

Red rock snowboarding, about to drrrop in!,snowboarding

Hyped to go back down south when the snowpack stabilizes after the mega dump we received, boy its sketchy out there!
***stay tuned for the next post from Ian and my trip to British Columbia- BOOOM!!!***

Ankle test and Mt.Timp recon -January 5th, 10

Ian and I took out the sleds to warm them up for the season, and to test my freshly healed ankle! Was planning to just take a mellow stroll but ended up finding some choice pow to ride. Ankle is feeling great! It is good to be up in the mountains and off the couch. Stoked to be back on the mission!!!