Happy Holidays!- Christmas Eve "Sleigh ride" 2010

Went out for a nice ride on the sleds with Tanner hall and my brother Ian on xmas eve. In true holiday spirit the mountains were stacked with fresh utah pow. Tanner had just got a new snowmobile and it was perfect conditions testing her out.
One of the best days of the season so far! Great turns on the Snurf and sled were had by all!

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There was some cool light happening at the end of the day...Tanner laying one over.

Ian below

Here's Ians picture of tanner and i enjoying a fresh meadow...

Provo Bros. Bubble Express Pow runs- P.o.v.- Dec.20, 2010

The Wasatch mountains, including The Canyons, has been getting pounded with snow the last week. At the end of every day i say "that was the best day of the year so far", yet the next day just gets better and better. These bubble runs here were at the end of the day, after a full morning of lapping and tracking the 9990 area. Building up those leg muscles day by day!

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Early season=rocky riding!

The snowpack is always quite thin this time of year...
Last season i tried to ride a line that only had about a foot and a half of snow- not enough for a safe way down!
Carful out there- Be sure to wear you're helmets!

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Southern Utah Desert Spines- March 15th-17th 2010

Click "Play" and check out some photos below while the video loads up!...

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"The 2009-2010 winter was not an average winter for Utah. The mountains in the north were plagued with sporadic snowfalls and dangerous avalanche conditions, while the southern regions were reaping the benefits of a strong el nino pattern. Neil and I had wanted to explore the ski terrain in southern utah for many years, but we knew we had to wait for the right snow year.

Early last winter, we made a few recon missions and found the kind of terrain we were looking for. Truly beautiful and inspiring ski terrain that none of us had ever seen before. Finally in late March, myself, Neil, and Josh Finbow made one more attempt at skiing and filming some lines before the strong desert sun melted them out for good.

A combination of good timing and preparation, along with a little luck, led to some of the wildest riding we had ever encountered. The whole time we felt so lucky to be skiing this exotic, weird terrain under such good conditions. It really seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity so we treated it as such. Utah’s color country might provide the perfect postcard image for millions of tourists, but when it’s covered in snow, its the skiers and boarders who can become inspired by the incredible landscape and find new ways to enjoy it.”
Words by Ian Provo

Here are some photos Ian and I took on our trip...Snowboard photos taken by Ian and Skiing photos taken by Myself and Josh Finbow.

The big line, in all her glory!

One of the best runs of my life... the next day, BOOOM- broken legs...

November powder with Tanner Hall and the Provo Bros. at Solitude, Utah

Monday Nov.22nd was my first day back riding chairlifts in 8 months.  Also, the first time i have ridden with Tanner in about 2 years.
Great to be back!

Words by Ian Provo -"11/22/10, Neil and I went with Tanner to Salt lake where he was doing a live interview with Fox business news.  Right after, we jammed up big cottonwood canyon to the sleeper resort known as Solitude.  There, we had one of the best days of skiing in a long time.  For Tanner's first day back in nearly two years, it was ideal for him to jump right into the meter of light utah pow, it was effortless to ski through, like cutting through clouds.  We were just in another world up there, having so much fun, happy to be back doing what we love."

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Surfing pow at Deer Valley- November 21st, 2010

Yesterday Ian and i went for a hike up Deer Valley with the "snurfboards" on our packs. We were pleased to find super deep powder on the "ski only" runs which have yet to open for the winter season. It was an amazing day for November here in Utah.

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The fish of my summer, July 2010

When winter rolls around and snow hits the ground i start to get really excited. No mater how excited i get, especially this year, i always wish it were summer for just a little bit longer. Its just like spring time, when i wish it would stay winter for longer, yet i know i have summer and all the great shit to look forward to...

Fly fishing is my favorite pass time in the summer months. You can get lost in time searching for that next big fish. On a choice july day, my friend sean and i went for a float hoping to hook a big one. After a slow morning, things started to pick up. Caught a few nice fish in the same hole around 1:30 in the afternoon. I was just about to call it quits and i hooked into the biggest fish of my life.

I love Utah...

Photography by Sean Kerrick Sullivan

OCTOBER 27th, 2010- Winter begins, Once again

The last few days Utah had been getting hit with a huge early season snow storm... I had just gotten cleared from the doctor to do what i please, but i was planning to wait for my knee brace i ordered this week to arrive. I also wanted to work a bit more on strengthening my legs before going riding. Well, the storm produced massive amounts of snow, and i couldn't help myself, went on a mission into the Wasatch to sample the snow.

-Video of the days adventures from both IAN and I-

HD vimeo Link

Heres a picture of my first turns of the year, and my first time back on snow since blasting my legs six months ago. What an amazing feeling to be back at it.
Oh yeah, there are NO bindings on this board, SNURFIN'!

This is my first time experimenting with a Spit-Snurfer i crafted out of an old broken splitboard... I put a bunch of stomp pads on the topsheet wherever there was no hardware... I need to rethink my traction set up though as it was hard to get a grip!

While i was making turns of my own, my brother IAN was skiing off Mt. Superior in the clouds into Cardiac bowl. He said the conditions reminded him of mid winter! It was an insane storm for all of us here in Utah!

Full moon Mt. Timponogos summit hike- 10/21/2010

Went for a hike yesterday to the summit of Mt. Timponogos to watch the sunset, and also to hike down under the full moon light.   The leaf colors down in the cirques were insane.   Timp is a rugged mountain, and doesn't come easily!   It ended up being a 14 mile round trip, 5000ft up and 5000ft down with the second half of the hike lit up only by moon light.  No need for headlamps!  The most action my legs have seen all summer!   Its crazy to think that only 6 months ago one leg was shattered and one knee blown, after that hike i must say things are healed up pretty good!

Josh Finbow on his way to the top.

A nice spot to rest the legs on the ridge, getting ready for the last push to the summit behind us

The views on top were nuts.  Here Josh and i are heading down from the little shack on the summit. The sun went down as the full moon came up, making it seem like day time on the way back down! Amazing view of the Wasatch up here, as well as salt lake city and orem way below.

Full moon was so bright!  About 6 miles and 4500ft down from here, onward march!  We got to the truck at 11:45- what a HIKE!
Ian, myself, Tommi, and fishbone taking it all in before descending...

-Photos by IAN PROVO-

SnowRev.com music pick

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The Levitation Project

Look out for BIG things in the future from LP - Stoked to be a part of this crew
Levitation Shred Blog- Welcome to the team.

2010-2011 Rossignol Experience Snowboard

Here is a piece i put together for Rossignol with some P.o.v. clips from last winter. Put your self in "my boots" to see how the 2010/11 Rossi Experience snowboard rides! -Steep and Deep, Cliffs, Chutes, Pillows, POW, hardpack, ice, you name it.
This is my board of choice...

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VIMEO version

Deeper Unplugged - Deleted Scene with Utah Locals Forrest Shearer and Neil Provo - Episode 12

The last 2 seasons i got the opportunity to film with TGR out here in Utah for Jeremy Jones film Deeper. Click here to see more about the film. This movie is going to be MAD! These guys took it to the next level, riding all lines by foot and camping in the mountains for days on end. With 2 years of filming there was a ton of footage to squeeze in. The Utah segment ended up getting cut, wasn't to much story behind it that went along with the rest of the film. I am stoked that they put up some footage on the web, and hoping there will be some in the dvd extras! Utah has a lot of terrain to offer. A proper Utah splitboarding segment is going down in the near future for sure!
Do yourself a favor and pick up a dvd copy of DEEPER today! ...You will be stoked!

Here is some riding from Jeremy Jones, Forrest Shearer and I from last year in Utah.

TGR- "When making a two year movie a lot of great riding hits the editing room floor. We had a crew all year in Canada, spent three weeks in the Tetons, and made countless trips to the High Sierra. All of these trips were special but for one reason or another did not make the final cut. One of the last segments to get the axe was Utah. As such, here's Utah locals Forrest and Neil trading lines in their backyard."

I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Jeremy Jones, Pete O'brien and TGR for letting me get out there with you guys! BIG UP!

Check out these links to see more "Deeper Unplugged" on TetonGravity.com , TransworldSnowboarding.com , also TGR's YouTube for slower connections.

Mt. Superior and Cardiac Ridge video. March 1st and April 11th 2010

On March 1st 2010 I went for my fist full moon sunrise tour in the Wasatch. Forrest Shearer, Julian Carr, Todd Ligare and I left the alta parking lot at 4am with our goal being Cardiac ridge by sunrise. Moon light sparkling on the snow for the hike was amazing. We got to the top of Superior at about 7am. The line i had chose on cardiac turned out to be a bit different than i had expected, and i almost landed on some sharp rocks! ...It was Close call!

The second line is of my brother Ian Provo from the summit of Mt. Superior, on April 11th 2010! I was laid up in bed with broken legs while he was enjoying this classic spring Wasatch storm. Utah had an unreal spring season, lots and lots of snow. It looked like great conditions!

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Click links for YouTube and Vimeo HD versions...

There she is in all her glory...The climb up Mt. Superior in the clouds with Cardiac Ridge in the background. The picture of me is taken just below the summit. Picture on the far right shows my track coming out of the chute, far left track... Click photos to make BIG

March 1st was the longest day of snowboarding in my life! After my line on cardiac, skied all the way back down the the big cottonwood road, drove back up to park city around noon to ride the resort for the rest of the day, then met up with some homies and hit the air bag at the DC mountain lab till it was to dark to see. LONG DAY!!!

Injury Recovery Update- 2010 Summer

It has been 5 months since i shattered my left leg and 4 months since acl surgery on the right knee. Both legs are feeling great and healing a lot faster than i had expected. It's wild to think about while laid up in bed, but after a long wait and lots of physical therapy normal life becomes a reality. Time heals everything. Its as though life was put on hold and all i could do was twitch my legs and try to gain muscle day by day. Improvements are hard to notice day by day, but looking back i have come a longgg way! Feels good to be on a proper exercise program. Other then lots of hiking and normal activity i usually never got my body in shape before snowboarding season. This injury really made me realize how important it is to be in shape, and how much better you perform. Going to stay on this path and get stronger than ever! A few more months and things should be back to normal, and better!
I have been so focused on healing i forgot to share some pictures of my activities! Here's a few pictures and video from my summer of healing. Keep hiking, Fish on!

Early June sightseeing on the Snake river. First week off the crutches! She was flowing at 22,000cfs in this photo!

Finally got a mountain bike after growing out of mine as a kid. This is one of my favorite summer time sports. Feels good to be back on a bike, having a blast and gaining knee strength at the same time! Pedaling every day.

The sunsets were beautiful this summer. Being in hibernation for so long gave me a chance to play with my camera more. Photography is a great hobby with, you can never learn to much.

Got to float the green river twice this summer, hoping to get back there or another big river once more before winter hits.

Photo from the 1st float, with my mega knee braces and all! Got my flipper caught on a rock during this float and wrenched my freshly operated knee under my boat. The next day i went into physical therapy and had about 10 more degrees of flexion!! Sometimes you gotta feel the pain to feel the gain!

Here's a photo from the 2nd float of my dog Dutch and i enjoying a nice day.
Check this link to see some great photos from that trip- Green River trip by Sean Sullivan 8.21.10

Been trying to get out backpacking as much as i can. This photo here is taken while sleeping under the stars in the uintas by my brother Ian Provo

Photo taken from the "Dutch Cam"! Backpacking and fishing trip to Erickson Basin in the Uintas on 8.9.10-8.10.10

Video from the erickson basin hike and fishing.. **Play in 720p for best quality**

Getting my hiking legs back, Winter's around the corner here in Park City.
Muscles are not to far off from being normal, just gotta watch out for those flat landings!