November 17th 09- Fly fishin the weeb'

November has been a bit dry on the snowy side of things. We have only had a few storms this month, which didn't produce much. It's looking like a repeat of last year! Either way, the trout are hungry this time of year! I have had a dry-spell the last 5 times out fly fishing and finally broke it by catching a few nice brown's...

Ian's first cast laid him into a nice rod bender, a fat brown that got away after a few minutes of fighting!,

Cold times out on the river this time of year!,,fly fishing

FINALY! a trout for neil! Boy my luck was bad for a bit there!,Neil Provo,,fly fishing,brown trout
The snow should be here any day now........... Getting excited for WINTER!!!

Epic October at Alta!- TGR Blog post

Pete Obrien is a mad man. He was up at Alta shredding pow and documenting during and after every storm October brought through. There was some deep days up there! Espesially for the month of OCTOBER!!!
Click link to check it out his photos!- Epic October at Alta

My First true deep pow turns of the year. I'm on the left, and Chris Coulter laying into one on the right! October 29th 09
Neil Provo,Chris Coulter,Alta,Snowboarding
Photo: Pete Obrien