October 12th 2009- Hike to Cascade Cirque, Mt. Timponogos

Brother Ian and i wanted to get the legs fired up, so what better mountain to climb then Mt. Timponogos? You can start at the valley floor and climb 5ooo+ feet to the top, which is insane for utah. Our goal was to hit the summit, but we started off on the completely wrong trail which led us to the base of the waterfall at the bottom of cascade cirque instead! We were 2 miles in and the trail stopped! We had no choice but to bushwhack as far as we could go... We made it up to the gut of the cirque and boy, it was a work out! Check out the great views!

The start of the hike. Not knowing that the trail would end so soon, we kept trotting!
neil provo,mt. timponogos

After about 3000 feet of scrambling and bushwhacking we made it to Cascade Cirque- Epic Views!
ian provo,neil provo,mt. timponogos

I brought the drum along for some extra weight in the pack to get those legs workin'... Sure worked!
neil provo,mt.timponogos,bongo

Possibly the first drum session to go down in Cascade Cirque...?! The Billy goats seemed interested!
neil provo,mt. timponogos,bongo

Check out this pack of gruff Billy's. Must have seen 20 different goats that day!
billy goat,mt. timponogos

Loooong ways down into Provo valley, here we go!
neil provo,mt. timponogos

This gruff Bill was hanging solo, protecting his crew
billy goat,mt. timponogos

Where did the trail go? oh ya, there was none! Talk about BUSHwhacking!
neil provo,mt. timponogos

We followed these crazy mule deer and billy goat trail's on the way up and down, Sometimes leading us in to some pretty dangerous terrain! Would have been impossible without em', but it was pretty sketch following those things!... Thanks to the Mulies' and Billies up at Timp! They are some rugged creatures!
ian provo

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