...Back for an overnighter and some fresh snow... April 27th o9

Click HERE to watch this video in High-Def!!!

Thanks to SnowRev.com for posting this video on their site as well!

Had such a great time the last tour up here we decided to go back. 3:30 on a SNOWY afternoon, the bags were packed and we were off to the trailhead. 40 or so miles later we were setting up camp on a fresh blanket of new pow. The clouds cleared and we knew we were in for a good time the next day. The snow was great the next morning and we were able to get in some fun lines.

^Setting up camp around 6pm, just as the clouds start to clear
^A nice fresh blanket of april BLOWER!!!
^Fire sure is nice when the sun goes down...
^Ian and I, getting ready to rip a line down
^Great snow, great stability, and great weather. What more can you ask for?!? I love april showers in Utah!

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Tim said...

Great photos and blog! Thanks man! Keep it up! I also love your videos on Splitboard. As everyone else commented on Vimeo the 5D with that wide angle lens makes for truly unreal pans!