Voile Revelator splitboard 2015-2015

My point of view riding the Revelator Splitboard, about 20 miles away from its birth place in Salt Lake City at Voile Manufacturing. Utah's Wasatch mountains are an incredible place for building and testing splitboards, and this new board from Voile is a perfect match for the terrain. March 2014.

A month in the camper in beautiful BC

What kind of Meat -Trailer

What kind of Meat? - trailer from The Provo Bros

In August of 2013, we traveled to Bolivia. It was the craziest place we've ever been! This remote country has been on our radar ever since we became obsessed with riding mountains and fly-fishing, but it always seemed untouchable. All we wanted to do was catch a big Golden Dorado on the fly in a jungle choked, Amazonian headwater stream, but the trip evolved into something much greater. With the help of our friends Patrick Taendler, Federico Marancenbaum, and The Green Forrest lodge at CaƱo Negro, we had a rare opportunity to fish for a grand slam in the Amazon, and prepare monkeys for dinner on an open fire. To complete the adventure, we traveled into the Cordillera Real to the source of the river, reaching the highest point we've ever been, and shredded back down. A trip to remember.

Roadside Runs in Alaska- Provo Bros

Roadside runs in Alaska from The Provo Bros on Vimeo.

In the spring of 2013, my brother Ian and I made it back to Alaska for the second time in our lives. We returned with a much better understanding of the dynamics of riding up there and hopes of safe snow conditions. After spending 10 days glacier camping by plane in the Tordrillo Mountains with clear weather and stable snow, we were excited to see what the mountains outside of Anchorage had to offer. For $25 a day, we rented a small car for a week and headed for the hills. The amount of quality ski terrain accessible from the road was mind blowing. Every winding corner presented a new mountain for us, and a new challenge. With a bit of an optimistic eye, long hikes and tricky route finding, we found ourselves on top of some of the craziest roadside runs we’d ever ridden.

Neil Provo & Hip-Deep Alaskan Powder, Big Mountain Shredding | The Backcountry Experience, Ep. 6

A few clips from Powderwhores movie "Elevation". Camping and snowboarding in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska- April 2013

Snowboarding Heaven on Earth, Holden Village | The Backcountry Experience, Ep. 1

Holden Village is a Lutheran ministry, nestled in a forested valley at 3,200 feet in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state. Formerly the site of one of the largest copper mines in the United States, the Holden mine, Holden is accessible only by the Lake Chelan passenger ferry, the Lady of the Lake, or by hiking in through the Cascade Mountains. In 1896, James Henry Holden made his first claim on the area which would later become Holden Village. However, because of the expense and difficulty involved in transporting copper from the isolated mine, the operation did not begin its full productivity until 1937. The Holden Mine and the town of Holden flourished for many years despite the isolation. After World War II the price of metals fell and the resources of the mine began to diminish.
The mine was closed in 1957.

Thanks to the Powderwhores for having me along on this trip. It was a wild place to ride!